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Jenny & Marit Berg

"We’re called Relationship Therapy because we focus on relationships. We realise that a person is formed through their relationships. Our mental state is therefore dependent on the relationship we have with ourselves, as well as the relationships we have with each other"

Jenny Berg Porträtt

Jenny Berg

The company was founded in 1986 in Linköping by the qualified psychotherapist Marit Berg nowJenny Berg managed together with Jenny Berg in Gothenburg.

We have many years’ experience of therapy for adults, teenagers and families, as well as supervision. We work mainly on the basis of psychoanalytic theory, and in the case of family therapy we adapt the treatment to the family’s needs and abilities/opportunities.

Personal Therapy

Sometimes life stops, and the wheels stop turning. You may lose your footing and end up in crisis. You’re maybe disappointed with life. A relationship ends or someone you love dies. You may lose your job, get sick, or maybe just wake up and realize that you are not living the life you want to live?

Something prevents you from living the life you want to live. Maybe you treat yourself badly? You may live with anxiety, have trouble sleeping or feel like stress has taken over your life?

Are your curious about who you are and why, do you want to increase your self-awareness or improve your self-confidence and self-esteem?

Then we can help you.

Children and Teenager Therapy

As a child, you may not feel that your actions and personality are not understood. For many children, it’s easier to act than to talk. Sometimes, we need parents to help interpret and understand our children and teens.

Teenage years may be the hardest, most sensitive, but perhaps also the most beautiful time in life. However, many teenagers walk around feeling uncomfortable, lonely and different. Some are sad and need help.

We are here for them and have many years of experience in child and teenage therapy.

Family Therapy

In family therapy work, we can develop relationships through improving communication within the family. It enables each family member to develop and gain greater confidence and integrity, as well as the ability for closer and deeper contact with other members.

This type of therapy is focused on conflict-resolution and leads to a greater understanding, respect and acceptance for each other. The group most important to our development is our family.

Couples Therapy

A wonderful opportunity to understand yourself and your partner. To understand where you and your partner came from and why you became who you are. Couples therapy leads to a deeper insight into how to maintain and develop the relationship, or end it in a good way.

Individual therapy is to understand your background and who you are. Couples therapy is the next step in the development, allowing you to understand who you can become through your choice of partner. It is about understanding how you can live through your relationship.

Couples therapy gives you both a deeper understanding and meaning to your relationship. In many cases, this leads to increased respect, warmth and the opportunity for reconciliation. Everyone should undergo couples’ therapy after passion's transition to love!

About us

Jenny Berg - Psykolog

Jenny Berg

Professional Education:
* Social Worker
* Stage 1: Child and Adolescent Therapy (2 years)
* Stage 2: Family therapy (3 years)
* Symptom-focused short-term therapy (1 year)
* Master’s in Social Work
* Certified Psychotherapist

- Professional experience from school health care, youth care, child and adult psychiatry
- Worked in France and Australia
- Practices therapy in English, French and Swedish

- Psychotherapy the understanding of the soul

Marit Berg - Psykolog

Marit Berg

Professional Education:
* Certified Psychotherapist (1986)
* Supervisor training
* Symbol drama psychotherapist

- Taught and supervised students at university, as well as overseen public and private activities
- Professional experience from child and adolescent psychiatry
- Run own company since 1986


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